Puebla, MX: traveling outside our comfort zone

Just returned from a week in Mexico City and Puebla doing/eating things we hadn’t done before. They tell you travel is good for aging brains. Creates connections, stimulates the mind, keeps a youthful attitude. Well, our latest trip should make us ageless geniuses with synapses firing on all cylinders!

Living so close to the Mexico border, we decided to fly using the new Tijuana International Airport instead of San Diego’s close by Airport. Why not, we said?

Tijuana’s airport was lots less expensive and offered lots more flight choices.Those were two good reasons. However, it also required using the new Cross Border Express (CBE) which required driving further south than we had driven since we moved here four years ago.

With a bit of trepidation during our early morning– and nearly deserted– drive to the CBE location which is on the U.S. side, we quickly found close-in parking.  Once inside the CBX building, we showed our documents and our Cross Border Passes and entered a fairly short, above ground passageway. The easy five minute walk took us directly into Tijuana’s modern airport.  We were now in Mexico!

No problema finding our comfortable Aeromexico flight, either.  In a little over three hours fly time we landed in Mexico City.

Last time we were in the Mexico City Airport was in 2017 and it was a mess after the earthquake. Construction draping and passage workarounds were everywhere. This time, it was easy peasy to navigate our way to the exit.  

We got a secure cab from one of the licensed cab outfits that are the only ones permitted at the airport.  You buy an advance ticket from the airport kiosk and get in line.  Again, simple.

Our first night in Mexico City, we stayed in old town (el centro) at Casa de la Luz, a gorgeous stone boutique hotel that was originally home to one of Conquistador Hernando Cortez’s Captains. Our room was spacious and the quarters were immaculate. In fact, we ended up having dinner at their beautiful rooftop restaurant. Of course, we first walked to a highly rated seafood restaurant nearby where I had made an advance reservation. And shortly afterward, walked out!

The vibe at  Mercaderes Restaurant was simply not for us. It was seriously old school with white shirted and vested waiters who hovered over us as we perused the menu.  We promptly offered our Lo Sientos and returned to Casa de la Luz where we had earlier enjoyed a delicious, gorgeous welcome cocktail (top photo).  Our hotel restaurant had a much more casual vibe yet with elevated cuisine and we ended our day happy.

The next morning after breakfast, where I had my first huevos divorciados (two-sauce eggs), we cabbed it to the bus station for our trip to Puebla.

This was another adventure way outside our comfort zone.  We’d never taken a long-distance bus from one Mexican city to another. However, my research said inter-city buses were great if you took a first class, non-stop bus using a company like ADO.  I went online and pre-paid for the 2 1/4 hour ride on ADO.  It was only $12 per person!  The buses run 3 times an hour.  The bus station was clean and easy to navigate and the bus ride was relaxing and comfortable. We brought our own snacks, there was a WC onboard and an American movie dubbed into Spanish.  Good experience.

On arriving at the Puebla station, our driver pointed us toward the taxi office where we once again pre-purchased a taxi ticket. Twenty minutes and $6 later we arrived at our Puebla hotel.  Basically, we left Mex City at 11:20 am and were at our hotel shortly after 2 pm!  

So far, traveling outside our comfort zone was working for us.   The next four days in Puebla, one of Mexico’s “magical towns” where English is not readily spoken is Part 2 of our journey outside the comfort zone.

ADO- our 1st class bus!


  1. Looking forward to next installment. Huevos divorcidos so named because the eggs are separated in two different color sauces was poetic, big smile. I went on line to look at Mercaders. Looked like a attempt to be an upscale restaurant. But too much food on the plates for it to be considered upscale. Read two reviews…one said “Worst food in Mexico” and the other said “Except for the ambiance and food it was okay”. Think you made a good decision to leave, but that must have been uncomfortable!

    Sounds like a good trip.

    Nothing much to tell here. Just finished a weird read “My Sister The Serial Killer” by a Nigerian author. Strangely held my attention and the writing was tight but it was very strange, not for everyone.

    Back to Dog Gods…..(Heller) and food experimenting…made lobster tails last night…yum, tonight I’m presenting Gluten Free Handheld Chicken Pot Pie. It’s damp, dark, wet, windy by turns (today), yesterday sun shone but it was only 40 degrees. Long for some sunshine….and warmer temps.

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