What a difference a day (away) makes…

With humble apologies to everyone struggling through snow-filled winters, it was a crazy warm weekend in the Bay Area. And down by the sea in Santa Cruz, it was like a Malibu summer day. Everyone was at the beach, whole carloads of families in wetsuits racing into the surf on boards or just bodies.  Campers who’d reserved their beach sites months ago were thinking they’d won the lottery.  And when the sun went down yesterday, everyone was out admiring the sunset from rooftops, beach side benches  & hillside cliffs. People were packing wine & picnics to celebrate. It was 67 degrees and felt hotter on the sand with the sun beaming down.

This morning, we biked to a long quiet stretch of beach (keepin it a secret) and then hiked for miles on the shore, admiring driftwood, doggies and the dramatic sounds of surf.

Was  that me just a few weeks ago bemoaning the wet, dark, dank winters of Northern California. This weekend was truly a summer gift, a taste of The Beach Boys Southern California lifestyle just 90 minutes from home.

We just got home and are mixing margaritas and guacamole, making  the magic last. It might rain again in a few days, but right now, I’m stiill a beach bunny.

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