They’re back. Attack of the spam referrers.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
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After I blogged about my bout of referral spam a couple of months ago, the barrage of fake urls disappeared for awhile. But now, like spring pollen, they are back in force. It’s enough to make a grown woman cry. Or sneeze. Or want to stop blogging.

The referrers have ridiculous names & urls ( is a common url suffix) but the quickest giveaway is having your site traffic suddenly jump for no reason. I love my readers and am happy to grow slowly and continuously and see that people are poking around all my posts. But the spammers head straight to your home page (whatever is there at the moment) and they disappear as quickly.



  1. I have a new blog (been online for about two or so weeks) and have been having the same problem with this ridiculous referrer spam. I got happy when I had a two-day period with normal referrers, but got my hopes up too quickly because the funky referrer links came back with a vengeance.

    These spammers are stupid. Do they actually think we’re going to click those silly links? WordPress needs to come up with a more permanent solution because having to report these links on a daily basis doesn’t seem to be a strong enough solution to this festering problem.


    • Thanks for writing and for being a consistent reader of my blog. It’s so frustrating to get spammed but, on the other hand, it’s so rewarding to have fellow bloggers reach out and support each other. Have a great day.


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