Top 10 posts of 2011. Vitamix, Moleskine, Netflix, Lululemon, Sushi Ran and more

Since everyone else is getting into the New Year‘s Countdown game of Top Ten Lists,  I figured I would, too. Especially since I just found a WordPress Dashboard feature I never noticed before. You can find your top posts for the year by clicking on the “this week” link and choosing another time frame.

There were quite a few surprises about what caught my readers’ fancy in 2011. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that posts ranting about name brands ( adoring Lululemon‘s butt factor, quitting Netflix, coveting Vitamix, etc.) would yield higher new visitor volume. But I also found that some of my quirkier reflections generated a constant stream of visits, including one optimistic post about the ever falling stock market (“The sun will come up tomorrow”).

A few other surprising posts nearly made it to the top ten including our magnificent “Sunol Wildflower Hike,” the importance of “Emergency Chocolate,” and the “Sweetness of a Saturday Morning.”

If you’re curious about my least viewed post, it was “Have you had work done,” a meditation on considering plastic surgery. You know what? I’m glad that most of you didn’t find that a compelling topic. I’m pretty much done with it, too. At least for this year!NoBlueHair’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

Vitamix vs. Kitchen Aid. Let the games begin. (or how I wasted a Sunday morning)

Why do we love Lululemon? Because they make our butts look good
Tossing more hats in the ring.
My beloved Moleskine gets a Fast Company rave.
More Grey Fashionistas
Is it unpatriotic to cancel netflix? More stats 64
The sun will come out tomorrow…
The best restaurant in San Francisco is in…Sausalito. Sushi Ran.
Groupon, Living Social, Homerun, Jetsetter. Dealing with deal a day addiction.
What do you do with expired medications? Send them to jail!

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