The evening news

Clearly, the evening news is no longer America‘s dinner companion. After all, who gets home at 5:30 anymore & anyhow? And if you Tivo the news it as we do, you are mercifully spared the commercials for mechanized wheelchairs, urinary leakage and dental glue. That’s the new Nightly News demo..seniors and the infirm. Like everything else, our national news is now parsed by partisan opinion. MSNBC for progressives, FOX for Tea Partiers and CNN for the undecided. I feel bad for Diane, Katie and Brian. They’re a long way from being our era’s Cronkite, Brinkley and Brokaw. But I’m more sad that we are so far away from being the united country that once shared powerful news moments together …on a common screen and with a common voice.

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