Why do we love Lululemon? Because they make our butts look good

Yoga Workshop Info.

There was no way I would spend $98 smackers on a pair of yoga pants. So, my kid bought me a pair for my birthday from Lululemon. Now I know what all the fuss is about! Now I know why their stock (LULU) is over $50 even in these dismal economic times. These are the top reasons:

  • They make your butt look good. These are not your mother’s stretch pants that let your fat hang out and divulge your cellulite-ridden thighs. The fabric is thick and cut just so to maximize the posterior yet minimize the tummy and muffin top.
  • They do free alterations. Get your yoga pants the right length for you. Who does free alterations any more? They do it with a smile
  • They’re not just a store. They’re an experience. Sunday mornings and other select times, they roll the merchandise against the side walls and hold FREE yoga classes. The full 75 minute class with great, local teachers. And while you’re lying in downward dog or peeking around while in savasana, you are looking up at their gorgeous yoga tops, bottoms and more for 75 minutes! Namaste you say? I say I’d like to try that purple top please!
  • Friendly salespeople. There’s no attitude amongst this friendly crop. They exude the mellow vibe of the shop while looking ridiculously fit and healthy in their Lulu togs.
  • Really cute shopping bags that are more like totes. Use them everywhere and promote their coolness (and yours).
Oh, and did I mention they make your butt look good? Thought so!


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