What do you do about spam referrers to your blog?

no spam!
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Thought I’d call on the wisdom of crowds to help solve a blog mystery. While I love to see my site stats go up, when a lot of the new traffic isn’t from all you kind and generous readers but from some shady urls and ads, it makes me a tad nervous.  Why are they sending traffic my way? How did I get on their radar? How can I stop it?

I couldn’t find anything on WordPress  so I’m hoping some of you WPies  can help me lose the fog of spam.

It’s Friday!


  1. This is an increasingly popular (and irritating) phenomenon known as “referrer spam”. Basically, the spammer hopes your access logs are public so they can get a free link. They also count on webmasters visiting the site for an additional source of traffic.


  2. WP seems to be good at catching spam posts from with their filters.

    A lot of these spam things are automated. For what it’s worth, I’m with you– I can’t stand it. You can’t really do anything about it, other than let the spam filter do their work though…

    Do you mean that you’re getting lots of spam comments?


    • I’m not getting spam comments but my site traffic shows lots of hits coming from referrer sites which–when you click on them to see who they are– are clearly spam sites.


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