What I Forgot About Foreign Travel

Masked on Metro from airport to central Copenhagen.

After three COVID- induced cancellations in 2020 and 2021, our long- delayed trip to Scandinavia was finally wheels up June 2022 on the fourth try.

It’s a different world out there my friends. Everywhere at the airport are hand sanitizing dispensers. Lots of touchless restrooms. And inconsistent mask use.

We were suddenly bombarded by crowds at Security, crowds at loading and crowds on the planes themselves. We are talking jam-packed. Or more accurately anchovy tin-packed. And yes, still inconsistent masking.

We flew British Air non-stop to Heathrow. It was a good flight— and thanks to points- we enjoyed Business Class seats and menus. No complaints enroute.

However, Heathrow Airport is still an aggravating maze to navigate for connecting flights. And the Brits are still obsessed about 3oz liquids. And creams. And makeup. This put a total crimp in our already slow- moving line. And people are still inconsistent about masking — which to my mind is a greater security risk than exploding toothpaste! The moral: keep all your non-solids together before you leave home!

People are still nicer on long haul, international trips. Maybe it’s the escape from the daily drama but no one was loud, ornery or drunk at any of the kiosks or lines in the airport. We had only one crying baby on the gang plank but she finally got the memo and settled down in the cabin.

But the biggest thing I forgot about foreign travel is how happy I am even during the grueling transportation part. My brain gets dopamine rushes every time I find the right escalator or gate. When the departures board lights up with my runway number. When the 3rd seat in our row remains empty. When the big, lumbering jet sheds its earthly coil and we are aloft.

I’m writing this on leg 2 of our journey. We land in Copenhagen in two hours and start navigating our new freedom abroad. Mostly masked, I’m sure!


  1. OK – by the end you’re telling me to say ‘Yes!’ to the conference in Scotland, at Scotland’s oldest university, founded 80 yrs before Columbus ‘discovered’ America, and with a beautiful aerial view on the ocean. And I have the miles from the trip I cancelled last month. Many thanks and happy travels 🙂

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    • Always love your posts. Enjoy your vacation

      Barbara Gitlin
      P.S. DO NOT eat reindeer . We were in Stockholm for a business dinner and served as a main course. Had to move it around my plate in many directions……..

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