Copenhagen – Day 1/Saturday

Royal Library “Black Diamond”

We walked nearly 10 miles our first day. That was not a great idea! But there’s much to see and it’s such an easy city to navigate that we kept finding new sights to see. I’ll be posting Day by day with pix,

We walked miles from our charming Avenue Hotel in Norrebro- a multi-ethnic section just outside the central city to see the Royal Library – an architectural beauty with its new wing a glittering black facade facing the sea nicknamed the Black Diamond.

From there we walked to Central Station to buy a 72 hour COPENHAGEN CARD which gets you into all trains and buses and nearly every attraction and museum in the greater city area. Worth the $100 pp. Then marched on to the Uber trendy Meatpacking District, literally a converted former meat and fish warehouses and butcheries, Then on to Tívoli Gardens, the prettiest amusement park if you are into such touristy fare.

Finally and achingly slowly, we grabbed a bus back to our hotel for happy hour and then a walk Tia tasty fresh fish spot a mile dinner.

We could barely walk by days end after accumulating 22,000 steps.

Advice: buy your Copenhagen Card before you leave home or at the Airport and you will save thousands of steps. Public transit is quiet, frequent and easy to navigate.

Unless you get sidetracked as we did by gorgeous old and new buildings, picture perfect parks and people~watching.

Mexico City style Tacos in Meatpacking Dist.
Danes walk or bike everywhere


  1. Check out The Louisiana Art Museum a short train ride outside Copenhagen. A speculative site overlooking the Sea and wonderful permanent exhibit of Giacometti sculptures. Also an exhibit of Diane Arbus photographs.

    Enjoy. Barbara

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  2. What, no picture of you sitting next to the Hans Christian Anderson sculpture 😉…I think that’s there.

    Where are we all going next?!

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