Copenhagen Day 2/Sunday

Big Bird!

Louisiana Dreaming…

Determined to give our achy bodies a rest, our entire itinerary for the day was going to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in nearby Humlebaek. After all, it was just a relaxing 30 minute train ride and short walk to the museum’s entry.

We were blown away by the gorgeous setting on the Atlantic sound. There are outdoor sculptures everywhere by a whos who of international modern masters from Moore to Serra. There was even the playful “Big Bird” of Alex da Corte. We last saw our furry friend balancing atop the Metropolitan’s rooftop in New York. His brilliant blue body seemed happily at home amongst the clear azure skies and waters of his new digs.

We were equally delighted to be there. Multiple buildings are woven across the lush property housing contemporary Danish Artists in their above and below ground galleries. We even saw a retrospective exhibit of the provocative American Photographer Diane Arbus’s black and white works. We also discovered Danish artist Sonia Delaunay’s joyfully colorful avant-garde paintings.

The lush natural landscapes cultivated gardens attracted many visitors to just stay outdoors to enjoy the sunny day, outdoor sculptures, ocean vistas and picnic and cafe fare. It was a paean to George Seurat’s iconic painting “Sunday in the Park”!

After our day in the country, we took the train back for our now daily ritual of the hotel lobby happy hour. Then downtown to Tight, a modern Nordic restaurant for a classy dinner.

Still, we ended up walking 16,000 steps. Too much!

Sonia Delaunay


  1. I live for your posts. Till I have posts of my own. Looks gorgeous… what a day! Prey tell us what’s in the Happy Hour. Gonna run and check out the Tight restaurant. Carlota


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