“Men are from Foursquare” post goes viral. Well, not quite!

Men are from Foursquare. Women are from Facebook.

A few weeks ago, I posted my take on the online battle of the sexes in social media. Today, a longer version of that post was published in Marketing Profs  Daily Fix as a guest post called “Men are from Foursquare. Women are from Facebook.”

So, I’m doing a little shameless self promotion today and please forgive me. While my original post got a goodly amount of visits compared to my typical traffic, the Marketing Profs post is national, reaching thousands more people. And it’s astonishing and gratifying how many people retweeted & forwarded that post and commented. Clearly, it struck a nerve. We may think that we are all highly evolved…in the online social media world, we still easily divide along the Mars/Venus axis

All I can say is vive la difference….  sexual behavior online is a writing topic with legs. So, just wait till I share my findings on Klout and Twitter. It’ll make Foursquare sound…well square!

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