Ten signs you are getting old

Exercise! The Poor Man's Plastic Surgery!
Exercise! The Poor Man's Plastic Surgery! (Photo credit: duncan)

Aging boomer broads (you know who you are). We’re not going gently. But we are going!

Here are the top ten signs:

1. When a cop pulls you over, you can’t flirt your way out of a ticket.
2. Friends tell you that you look tired. And you’re not.
3. You think grab bars in the shower is a stylish addition.
4. You’re still reading a hard copy of the New York Times.
5.  You have issues at work…and the first thing you do is calculate how many more years you’ll have to work till retirement.
6. You’re either mad at everyone getting plastic surgery. Or you’re starting to think this is not such a bad idea.
7. You go to a dive bar to hear a garage band. But you’re still in bed by 11:30.
8. You don’t just pluck your eyebrows anymore. You trim them.
9. A guy compliments you and you don’t think he’s trying to get into your pants.
10. While you’ve still “got it,” it’s moving south.

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