10 Food Blogs for Fantasy Chefs and Food Fetishists

If I were food, I'd want Helene Dujardin to take my pic!

Food porn is big business these days and the food blogger universe is growing by the minute. In fact, I just read that the famous “…For Dummies” series has  published Food Blogging for Dummies so that everyone can get into the act.

For me, these blogs are porn because I dream and drool over the gorgeous photos and recipes and writing. What I don’t do is cook them! I read and obsess about glorious gourmet dishes but never put pot to stove.
Am I alone in lusting about food?  Do you put yourself to bed at night devouring Bon Appetit  on your Flipboard or ravenously consuming  Food 52 and 101 Cookbook blog posts  the minute they are published?

Here are my top 10 food bloggers whose every souffle and roasted cauliflower medley  feeds my fantasy feast. As a Francophile, I’m also fetishistic about French food bloggers so, hopefully, there’s a few new bloggers you’ll discover below that you haven’t tasted yet but may love.

My Top Ten Food Blogs:

  • Chocolate&Zucchini  – my first food fetish site by a charming French jeune fille
  • La Gourmand Tartine – Gorgeous photos, food & writing and  an OMG new cookbook (and lots of gluten-free baking french style)
  • David Lebowitz – “Living the sweet life in Paris” – French desserts–need I say more?
  • Orangette – One of the first successful food bloggers who found true love & career through blogging
  • 101Cookbooks– If you’re gonna own a lot of cookbooks, you might as well write about them
  • Food52 – a sensational blog filled with real people’s real recipes– community-sourced blogging
  • SmittenKitchen – I want to eat everything on their site. I also actually dream about cooking some of her wonderful down to earth recipes like Lasagna Bolognese
  • LottieandDoof – Check out their burnt orange ice cream! words fail…
  • Tartelette – gorgeous photos..I dream of taking a workshop with Helene Dujardin. The most sensually lush food pix plus charming posts.

If you haven’t already clicked away to one of these blogs, I’d be surprised. I’m salivating just thinking and writing about these culinary curators. The only saving grace is that the time I spend reading and writing about food blogs is time I don’t spend stuffing my face. Trust me, that’s a good thing!

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