Loneliness of the long distance blogger

There’s so much roadkill along the blogging highway. So many blogs  started with good intentions and inspirations and yet, soon, the urgency to write fades. The lack of feedback daunts. The silence in the ether thunders until many bloggers pull off the road, abandoning their vehicles and walking away like the protagonist of Sofia Coppola‘s movie “Somewhere.”
As I learn the craft of blogging, there are days I wonder if anyone is listening and check my site stats incessantly to see if someone, anyone, is listening. Sometimes they’re not. Then there are the odd days you write something that resonates with others, who tell others ,and suddenly your traffic spikes, your tweets get replies and you feel connected.

I started this blog not to navel gaze– though I’m quite good at that, thank you — but rather to share this new stage of my life– not old, not young but full of life and curious about what lies ahead. The Times today is already chattering about how quickly some of our new year’s resolutions are broken.  Not me. I am the long distance blogger. Whether the road is long and lonely or jammed with other travellers, I hope to blog on. To find my voice and to hear yours.


  1. Somehow, you’ve written exactly what I needed to read at just this moment. I’m with ya, in terms of the long haul. Still, to see the long-distance run–as you put it–re-affirmed is a cheer that we all need to hear every now and then, so thanks for stating it so beautifully 😉


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