When the wind whistles back

Yesterday’s post was a pep talk to myself, equating the loneliness of the long distance runner to my solitary travels along the blogging highway. And suddenly, I wasn’t alone. A tweeter discovered my post, a fellow blogger stopped by to comment. I had touched a nerve. I wasn’t alone!

All of us who have taken the wordpress postaday2011 pledge are now face to face with the reality that writing is a solitary business. You paste your inner thoughts on the wall, hoping someone will read them and respond.  When it happens, there is a delicious joy of communion. But it’s not the only joy of this enterprise. I feel richer for being forced–every day– to dig into myself and my life and make sense of it. I feel energized at everything I read from Huffington Post to Nora Ephron‘s latest book to the New York Times to Mashable to….the backs of cereal boxes. From movies, to walks to ordinary conversations, you never know where the next jolt of inspiration will come from.

Thank you to those who regularly & graciously leave comments on other’s blogs. Thank you for your comments  to me yesterday. The long distance blogger must keep moving on but your voices of encouragement are like cups of water proferred by bystanders along the writer’s road. The help sustain us.


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