Why we bicker with our loved ones.

Why do we harass our significant others? Because we can. Can’t believe I triggered a fight this morning over requesting we buy an entry way coat rack. But I did. He hates the look of them. I hate the coats dropped on couches and chairs for want of an entry hook. He doesn’t want to see a stack of overlapping coats hanging like a homeless person in our living room. We argue, we yell.
Then, this morning, I go off and  blog. Aha! So this this is a cool off tool! People committed to long term relationships can surely relate. Sometimes you just need to yell, take a stand and then move on. Some fights can’t be won. Some are the just the ritual bickering that’s like venting steam, it keeps the lid from blowing off. We’ll probably argue about this again (no doubt). But for today, we have had our little fissure and our tectonic plates are still intact.
But I do think a country style wall coat rack like this one from Pottery Barn would look nice. Don’t you agree!


  1. So true! I think everyone can relate to this post. My boyfriend and I really don’t fight much but when we do its growling & snapping & 10 minutes later we’re madly in love again. 🙂

    Great post, great blog & great coat rack!!


  2. That rack is nice, and very unobtrusive…not to stoke the fire between you two, but I get the feeling you’ll eventually win out, eh? lol

    Of course, the passive-aggressive response would be to just buy the rack, then “lose” the receipt which would render it impossible to return to the store. Again, not stoking any fires…


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