Yoga with a Starbucks Chaser. Heaven.

Some Sunday mornings are more perfect than others. Today, I took a free yoga class at Lululemon for the first time, not expecting much more than a good stretch.  By the time I arrived, the room was packed and I couldn’t imagine how we could get in the flow when we were packed mat to mat. Alex, the teacher, changed all that. He created so much internal space in our movements that we rarely were conscious of those around us. We worked hard and deep (my shoulders are telling me this now) with his clear and challenging instructions keeping us focused. My closing savasana was deliciously mellow.  I walked out feeling high. Then I crossed the street and bought a steaming venti coffee at Starbucks and elevated my mood even higher. Those two simple activities on this cold and sunny morning made me ridiculously happy.  Bring on the day!

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