Married couple infiltrates singles dance. World does not end.

High School Musical 2: Non-Stop Dance Party
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My girlfriend is dating a guy she met at a Society of Single Professionals dance. They still go because they love to dance. Well, so do we. They invited us to join them Friday night at the Redwood City  Sofitel Hotel. We were a little nervous about entering singles turf but agreed.  So, I upped my game a little bit by adding heels with my jeans and my guy wore a collar shirt. We fit right in.

The room was filled with 40-60 somethings. The DJ played greatest hits of the the 80’s to the present, there was alcohol to buy and a very relaxed, friendly adult vibe. For us, it was so much better than trying to dance in a club full of hard-partying 20 somethings or feeling like you’re invading your kid’s high school prom.  Nobody seemed to care that we never changed partners all night. Many of the folks seemed to know each other from previous dances and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Men and women arrived in equal proportion so lots of partnering & mixing up.

Would we go again? Despite feeling a little bit like we were infiltrating a private party scene, this was a great way to get out and dance with other grown ups. And … here’s a shout out for all my single friends,  this is a fun, low-stress way to meet people. It’s not a meat market, nor a drool in your drinks market. It’s active, friendly folks looking to hook up or just bust a move at the end of a hard week.

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