I’ll take savasana, please.

I’ve been doing yoga for years and I used to hate savasana, the corpse pose at the end. What a bore. Lying there like a dead body for five minutes waiting for the bell or chime to ring.  I liked yoga for it’s movements, not it’s stillness.

These days I love savasana. It’s the best part of a yoga session. It’s what I earn and feel entitled to after bending, twisting and contorting my body for an hour. I can fall into a deep state in five minutes that feels like a 20 minute nap. All my worries, all my issues, all my brain busyness fades away.

Can I just skip all the other asanas and go directly to corpse? Damn it, yes I can. It’s my new permission-based yoga practice. Drop and give me five— make that five minutes of nap, please.

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