Bread-Making Here I Come: Update on my New Year’s Resolutions

Bread making deal from Amazon Local

It’s nearly April,  a quarter of the year is nearly done and it’s time to check in on my resolutions progress.

Resolution 1: Give up cookies and ice cream.
I’ve now done this twice for two weeks. Once in January and once now. My excuse this time is they gave us free ice cream at the end of our “Pre- Passover Pasta Pigout” dinner saturday night at Locanda Positano in San Carlos. A gorgeous ball of hazelnut tartufo appeared magically at the close of our fabulous dinner and, of course, I had to try it. Then on Sunday, the last day before Passover, I had to clean out my freezer of the remnants of bread and cookies that have been lingering. You don’t throw out a cookie. Ever. Nuf said.

Resolution 2: Take a dance class
I have now taken Zumba classes three times and I can say with the utmost confidence that I haven’t gotten any better at it. It’s an hour of flailing and shlepping my body to great music. It’s definitely the sweatiest exercise I do but my  future as a Dancing with the Stars participant is not imminent.

Last week, the guy and I went out for a salsa lesson at Cafe Cocomo in S.F. We used to take these lessons regularly but forgot everything we knew. This was great fun and it did kinda come back to us and I was shaking my hips and twirling out of turns by the end of the night. Not only that but dancing with your partner is a great way to work out your power issues (stop leading. well somebody has to.), get sexy in public and pretend you aren’t the oldest couple on the dance floor.

Resolution 3: Take art & writing classes
Thanks to my girl friend’s quick decision to buy us Groupons for a glass-blowing class, I am now the proud owner of a homely pink vase that I kinda made myself.  The teacher did most of the work but I did get to hold and turn the rod as my glass blob melted in the  giant flame spewing furnace. I worried that my contacts would fuse to my eyeballs as I stood close with the scorching air blowing out but he assured me that my face would be gone long before that happened. I was seriously reassured and that’s the end of my glass-blowing career.

I have not made a move on my writing career…unless you give me extra credit for writing this post.

Resolution 4: Learn how to bake bread
Woohoo. Today, I saw an Amazon Local Deal  for a starter bread-making class or bagel-making class with Sour Flour in S.F. I bought me a coupon and now I just need to schedule a class. If anyone  out there is interested, the deal is still on for 4 more days. I, however, have to wait till after Passover to take it!

How are you doing on all your resolutions? Have they fallen bedraggled on the ash heap of history or are you still valiantly tilting at them. Looking back on my progress, I’m feeling pretty damn good. Not perfect. But that’s never been the goal.


  1. Love it! I think you’re doing great! I don’t even make resolutions anymore…just a general list of “life improvements” (i.e. be more positive, go easy on myself, etc.) Ya know, the kind of things that you never actually get to check off and say “yup- did that!” And I agree, Zumba is not easy, but it is very sweaty!


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