Great Chocolates I have known and loved: #7 See’s lollipops

See’s chocolate lollipops were a revelation when I first tasted them over a decade ago. L.A. friends turned us onto them when we went to the movies together for the first time. Instead of filling up on overpriced, greasy, salty popcorn, they pulled out 4 pops and we each sucked on them for a long, long time. The pops are big, sweet and deeply chocolate. They give you mouth fullness and the oral satisfaction a good movie requires.

Soon, I was a See’s regular, buying a few for upcoming movies. Then we branched out to licking them on long airplane rides where you are stuck in your seat for hours and thus feel constantly in need of something to eat. These work, staving off hunger pangs and stimulating the happy parts of our brains with continual sugar uptake.  

I could save on the price per pop (now $.70)by buying a box  but I like visiting See’s regularly because of the free chocolate sample you get on each visit. (as noted in a previous chocolate post.)

Chocolate blogger of the day shoutout : BlogChocolate where as they say “Life’s hard …chocolate helps.” The two Canadian bloggers write and rhapsodize about chocolate and are focused on chocolate product reviews. What a great idea since they need people to send  samples so they can review them (why didn’t I think of that!).


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