Great chocolates I have known and loved: #6 Oreos/Hydrox

Hydrox Cookies.
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With militant partisans on both sides of the chocolate creme cookie divide, I’m suggesting a detente. Both Hydrox cookies and Oreos have filled my life (and mouth) with meaning. Who hasn’t carefully separated the two chocolate wafers and then slowly licked the creme of one of these delights. Some are partial to Oreo’s thicker creme center, others to Hydrox’s more intense sweet filling. But it matters not, these cookies are food for the childlike soul.

There are always packages of Oreos at my work and I have had to set a personal rule. I allow myself 2 in the morning. Then one more in the afternoon. If it’s a particularly hard day (as Monday’s always are), I might just eat a fourth cookie. I feel bad about it but not as bad as if I didn’t!

There is a really dangerous variation on the Oreo’s cookie and I dare not buy or eat them. These are the chocolate coated Oreos ones. It’s just so indecently decadent with it’s seductive chocolate covering…yet another layer to lick off …like Salome and her seven veils. But I digress. Oreo or Hydrox? You decide. I’m Switzerland on this one!

Chocolate blogger of the day: Coco&Me. This charming blog is a diary of the experiences of a young Japanese mother who runs a Saturdays only food stall in East London, where she sells her own chocolates and baked goods. Her photos are gorgeous and her down to earth commentary about the experiences of building a business and selling at an open market (in cold, damp England) make for great reading. Here’s a sample called “The cakes that didn’t make it” about some of her baking failures.

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  1. LOL, I love the description of “dangerous variations.” The most dangerous one for me is the mint-chocolate-covered oreo. Sometimes I would buy them when I could find them in snack-sized packages, but now that I can’t, I refuse to buy the full-size big packages. Too dangerous!


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