Great chocolates I have known and loved:#8 BR’s Chocolate Mousse Royale Ice Cream

Ice-cream dessert
Image via Wikipedia

Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mouse Royale ice cream is divinely delicious and definitely good enough for royalty. This is not a regular flavor but a frequent returnee. I love it in a cone. I love it in a cup. I love it directly from a hand-packed quart in my freezer. The little slivers of dark Belgian chocolate against the chocolate mousse base texture is insanely good.  What can I say but check BR regularly to see if it’s on sale by you. It’s definitely a national treasure.

Chocolate Blogger du jour: Fahrenheit 350 whose tagline is “the temperature at which sweets happen.” This delightful blog is about baking and enjoying all sorts of desserts. In honor of Valentine’s Day, a recent post is about baking heart-shaped brownies.

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