Great chocolates I have known and loved: #9 Hershey’s kisses

Who doesn’t love Hershey’s kisses? They have been associated with love and affection for longer than I can remember. They were the first “Tiffany’s” candy wrapping. Elegant silver foil twistly tighly around a little nipple of chocolate, topped with a thin ribbon with the Hershey’s brand emblazoned.

Hershey’s has experimented with various flavors– dark chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate, with many fillings and with various colored foils. But for my money, the milk chocolate in its silver finery is still the best. It’s rich, silky and melts soothingly in your mouth.

Chocolate blog shout out of the day: Tartelette, a blog about “the sweet side of life.” Tartelette is written by a French expat now living in South Carolina who is a food stylist, photographer and foodie. And many of her recipes are even gluten-free. So as your “free sample,” here’s her recipe for a gluten free chocolate donut that’s filled with a Hershey’s chocolate kiss! Now, that’s a Valentine’s Day treat.

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