My beloved Moleskine gets a Fast Company rave.

Moleskine Art — Anna Rusakova
Image by →Unity via Flickr

Moleskine is clearly one of my top tag cloud categories. It’s my go to analog notebook in this increasingly digital life. Moleskines are real, tangible and touchable. Mine is filled with random thoughts, wine picks, book reads, references, and, most wonderfully, travel notes and diary writings that  instantly resurrect moments of rich, emotional experience.

And now, Fast Company magazine has deemed my  little notebook a master of brand marketing, too. Author/designer Ken Carbone writes:

“Moleskine is the ‘little black dress’ of notebooks. Like that fashion staple, it is a blank canvas for personal expression ready to be dolled up at the creative whim of its owner.….Today, they are coveted and beloved by designers, architects, writers, artists and travelers around the globe. With annual sales of over 200 million dollars and 35% growth per year, this brand is in high gear. For a look inside the company, I spoke with Maria Sebregondi, Head of Brand Equity and Network Relations, in Moleskine’s Milan headquarters. With a charming Italian accent, she explained with conviction: “Moleskine is a cultural icon. It is not a simple notebook, and it is not a commodity, but a free platform for creativity.”

Missed my original moleskine post? Hop on over.  Then buy your own moleskine and discover the enduring, artistic allure of this little notebook to Chatwin, Hemingway… and me!


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