10 Signs Spring has arrived in S.F.

As our uncommonly cold & dry winter finally yields to days of rain, it’s easy to bemoan the dreary weekends we’ve faced recently.  But Spring is on the way and glorious days are ahead. How do I know?

This post was inspired by the glorious photographs  in my new fave blog : Hip Paris and the post on 10 Signs Spring has arrived in Paris.  The writer seeks the simplest whispers of a new season as Paris shakes off its wintry chill and damp. From flowers in the park to lingerers along the Seine, she sees the tendrils of a new season and celebrates.

And so shall I. Here are my 10 signs of Spring in San Francisco.

  1. I’m waking up with a stuffy nose again. Allergies are coming out of hibernation
  2. The daffodils have sprouted at Trader Joe, Safeway and Whole Foods. For $1.5o-$3.00, you can grab a bouquet of fronds that will gush open within days.
  3. Everyone is selling herb & veggie starter seedlings from farmer’s markets to pharmacies.
  4. We’re sick to death of wearing boots and lusting after sandals. Or, we’re recklessly buying boots on sale at Amazon, Zappos and all those other online purveyors (Myhabit, Ruelala etc) as they close out winter with great deals (or is that just me buying all the boots in sight!)
  5. We’re thinking about toenail polish and a pedi with our mani. (am I the only one whose tootsies have gone natively nude for the winter)
  6. We’re sitting & sipping at outdoor cafes at the slightest sunny provocation even if it’s still too chill.
  7. Strollers wandering with an cream cone  Bi Rite Creamery or Humphry Slocumbe arouse envy not pity.
  8. The trees are aglow in pinks and whites dazzling us with their annual renewal. The wildflowers are blossoming on our hills and ridges, inviting hikers back along the muddy trails (and making us sneeze- see #1)
  9. Farmers markets are ablaze with fresh seasonal vegetables. Good luck finding an acorn squash anywhere (if you do, please let me know where!)
  10. The kites, the runners, the strollers & the bench sitters  appear from nowhere like cucarachas  the minute the rain stops and the sun peeks through.
What are your signs of spring? 

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