#what are you doing Christmas Day?

christmas 2007
Image by paparutzi via Flickr

If I were going to start a twitter trending topic, this would be my question. What are you doing Christmas Day?

Of course, all my Jewish friends will say Chinese food & a movie. My Christian friends will say opening presents and spending the day visiting and eating with family. But I bet there are lots of people who have much more creative ideas of how to spend this day.

#what are you doing Christmas Day, I’d write cooking a nice dinner, reading a good book and calling friends & family far away to see what they’re doing. Or maybe I’d clean out my closet, pay bills, go for a long walk, go to the gym (mine’s open), or buy more stuff online (full of holiday shame). Some years we’ve gone vacationing in Mexico where we forget it’s a holiday as we sip our margaritas and scarf guacamole and wait for the whole holiday hoopla to pass.

I know this is often the most depressing day of the year for some people because they are alone and far from loved ones. How will they spend the long holiday hours?

For others it’s an annual day of service to those in need. Their acts of kindness range from dropping off gifts to needy kids to visiting the hospitalized and homebound to feeding the hungry and homeless. These people are the true angels of light in the dark of winter.

What’s your Christmas plans? Tweet me @nobluehair or at #what are you doing Christmas Day?

Happy Holidays to all my regular readers, my occasional browsers and my random visitors who land here from google search words…I hope you did finally decide whether to get a Kitchen Aid or a Vitamix !


  1. You have so many options for what one might do on xmas rather than open up virtual presents since i’m jewish although celebrated xmas with a tree and trimmings until age maybe 7. I guess more jews moved into the neighborhood! I like the chinese food and movie which we’ve done on several eves. This year our friends invited their jewish orphans in for dinner which should be delightful. As you indicated, we too have gone away over this holiday so to avoid, I must admit a bit of envy, but to wipe it away and love Mexico this time of year too. So, this year it’s to enjoy our home digs and friends, see War Horse on Sunday and celebrate sister in laws b’day and anniversary, a double whammy and leave for Indian Wells Monday for a few days of sun and maybe even a scrabble game! May you all enjoy a nourishing holiday and new year with continued gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful lives we have.


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