The older I get, the more I love my feet.

Old friend, new friend
Image by kittell via Flickr

When I was younger, my 9 1/2 size foot was always an embarrassment. Why couldn’t I be a lady-like 7 or 8 or even 9?

But now, I love my feet. They take me everywhere. They love to hike, walk on the beach, wander around cities, climb stairs, stretch in dog pose and  stand tall  in tree pose, race through airports to get to my gate (late) and dance to salsa & swing. They let me do everything.

When I broke my right foot winter 2010, I truly became aware of how powerful and wonderful working feet are. For several months, I was in a hard, then  soft, cast and couldn’t walk or even drive. I was dependent on the kindness of colleagues & friends to get anywhere. But now my foot is perfectly healed.  And I appreciate every inch of their size 91/2 now!

Though I can’t wear high heels, I adore boots and sandals & sneakers. I treat my feet well and don’t squoosh them in shoes too tight and pointy. No Jimmy Choo’s or Christian Louboutin’s for me !

The older I get, the more I love my feet. And I’m increasingly happy with the rest of my body, too. I finally understand what people meant when they say they love their wrinkles because they “earned” them.  It’s the proof of a life well lived. My feet have taken me everywhere on my life journey and I will continue to follow them everywhere!


  1. …and finally, acceptance as we know ourselves to be and are becoming, an existential thingy, ahhhh…. feet with blue hair. But I’ll settle for the image of knee highs rolling down around the ankles toward ersatz size-9-stretched-out-eyelet-yellowed-white-club heels worn whilst rushing through Fordham Road with a canvas food bag hanging off the arm. Women of substance unfettered by trend and fashion…not afraid of aging. Welcome to the club!


  2. I love this post. I used to wear heels, and now my feet are screaming in pain if I wear them. I love comfy shoes and sandals, I invest in orthodics- and it’s my constant mission to find attractive, non-old-lady-style shoes that I can walk in for miles. Right now my Ecco boots get me through most days in the city. The heels are reserved for super fancy events that blessedly happen only about twice a year.


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