Almond milk. Soy milk. Rice Milk. Can’t I just drink milk?

It’s not terribly PC of me but I need real milk with my coffee.  My husband needs real milk with his cookies. I’m willing to pour a milk substitute into my cereal where its odd taste mixes with all the other odd flavors of fiber-rich, whole grain cereals. But there are times that only moo juicewill do.

Got Milk? was a great advertising campaign because it made the emotional connection with people’s lives. Hot milk at night to help you sleep. Hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. Cold milk with treats on any day. It’s as American as apple pie (and goes so well with it, too!).

I just bought some Almond Milk at Whole Foods today and will try it in my multi-grain cereal tomorrow. My cholesterol is going through the roof and if this keeps the roof on, then I will swap it out. I will be a big girl and try it. But for my coffee–I’m sticking with real milk.  Not gonna give that up and you can’t make me.

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