More Grey Fashionistas

If Advanced Style has whetted your appetite for well-seasoned women (and men) of style, here’s another  blog to enjoy. Mister Mort celebrates gents with timeless fashion moxie.

It’s amazing how once you become aware, you really start to notice–and appreciate– our modish elders. Instead of being invisible and ignored, they are taking to the streets and kicking up their heels  (and well shod boots).

My mother in law was one of those gorgeous grand dames. She was a hot ticket straight till she died at 92 and never left the house without being ardently accessorized. I inherited her sharp black leather jacket and feel like a modish motorcycle moll whenever I wear it.

Please let me know of more fashion blogs devoted to great dames & gents. Just seeing their pix is inspiring. I may even grab a scarf from my closet and drape it insouciantly like a french fashion plate or une femme d’un certain age!


  1. This isn’t a blog recommendation, but if you are on Facebook, there’s a salon and hair products company based in NY that caters to curly-haired people, and they always feature (by feature I mean put the ladies’ picture on their facebook wall) clients who come in for cuts & color. As a principle, they don’t straighten clients’ hair–they style it keeping the customers’ natural curls. Some of their customers who are fully grey, silver or white, are featured on the facebook wall, and always get a ton of attention from the rest of us fans–ultra striking to see curls in these colors, and as a curly girl myself I hope to sport such ringlets one day. If you want to check them out, their facebook page is Devacurl, and you can scroll down their wall or through their pics for the silver sirens 😉


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