Fog-wrapped gifts

The first Sunday morning group walk of the year. At least I thought it would be. Raced out of my warm bed to meet my friends at the fog-shrouded Bay. But no one was there. Missed signals (emails/calls)  but I decided to stay.

There was an amazing high tide, almost overflowing the banks after days/weeks of rain. Silver fog draped over the East Bay Mountains and encircled planes elevating from SFO.  I took out my Android and shot some pix of Benihana Restaurant which looked like a silent Shinto Shrine on a Kyoto shore. Another photo of seabirds snuggling against the breakwall. By myself, I walked faster than our normal chat-filled pace, noticing sea and sky and the shifting shades of grey as fog lifted and dropped like a theatrical curtain.  Alone, I listened to my inner voice, enjoyed my solo company and was reminded how lovely a private walk could be.

We are so afraid to be alone with ourselves. I could have used my cell to chat with distant friends or family or gotten back in my car and gone to the gym instead. But I chose “the road not taken” (at least this Sunday) and was all the richer for it. I’m grateful for the missed connection and my fog-wrapped gift. Next Sunday is soon enough for resuming our group rendezvous along the morning shore.

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