Sex and chocolate

Well, that got your attention!  If you’re a guy, you probably clicked here for the sex, if a chick  for the chocolate! What is is about women and chocolate? There’s clearly something hormonal about it.  Sugar cravings are tied to estrogen & serotonin levels and the lack thereof. It’s also related to the actual chemicals in chocolate (theobromine, phenylethylamine) that give chocolate its silky, mouthy feel &  induce sensations of happiness and  even love.

Chocolate even has anti-oxidents that make it healthy for you…especially dark chocolate. Fight free radicals, stave off aging (okay I’m getting carried away) by indulging in a bite of Godiva chocolate or a smokey cuppa hot chocolate made from Scharffenberger’s best. 

So, guys, if you are still reading this, save the money you were going to spend on flowers and buy us some decadant dark truffles from Sees Candies. We promise to make it worth your while ;  )

Read more about chocolate’s sexual powers here or  Slate article on The sexy faces of women eating chocolate in stock photos.


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