A blog or an oblogation?

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I put off writing until tonight and the pressure is on. At our dinner with friends, we discussed this dilemma. How do I meet my obligation to blog daily if I can’t think of anything I want to write about? The conversation got quite intense. My initial suggestion of taking a picture of my belly button and titling the post “Naval gazing” led to sarcastic comments  that that was not appropriate and more ideas were profferred. How about writing about  navel lint?  How about posing a question to my audience  (all ten billion of you!)– what is more important– writing your daily post or actually having something to say.

We tried out various post titles after further consumption of red wine:
When good bloggers go bad.
What makes a good post?
Navel gazing or navel lint, you decide.
Blogging: Obligation or free will?
The obligation of blogging.

I’m too tired now to think but also too committed to abandon my daily post…especially now that I have a postaday2011 badge prominently hanging on my site.
So, I ask you dear reader to indulge me this slightly drunken post. I am meeting my o-blog-ation by any means necessary. Tomorrow, I’ll get back on the wagon.


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