Field trip to ZenHabits blog

Vegetables and fruits
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As I spent those two weeks recollecting great chocolates in my life, I realized I was actually releasing their power over me. I began  thinking about my food compulsions and started exploring how I could improve. On that path, I came across ZenHabits, a blog dedicated to “smile, breathe and go slowly.” This is hard advice for me, especially the go slowly part. But what really got my attention was the  ZenHabits Diet post that sounded so easy, so right and so peaceful. It’s a have your cake and eat it, too, plan. It calls for avoiding extreme food plans, eating slowly, eating real foods and lots of plant food and enjoying yourself with occasional and scheduled (key word) treats.  Yours may be pizza, mine might be downing a few fresh chocolate chip cookies or an ice cream splurge. So, I am trying to wrap my head around these simple concepts. I mostly do all of the above except for the excess of sweets in my diet and the eating fast and unthinkingly. My zen aha! is to not punish myself but to gently remind myself (as one does in meditating) that that’s what I need to keep working on.

There’s so much more on ZenHabits, which is ranked one of the world’s top 25 blogs. It was started by Leo Babauta, a San Francisco writer and features wonderful content on every aspect of living a more zen-like life from creativity to simplicity to personal growth. Take a field trip over to this site and  slow down and savor.

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