Field Trip to BecomingBendy Blog

Full course dinner
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I first discovered Patti Digh through her 37 days blog and tweets. Now she’s started another blog, Becoming Bendy, focused solely on her goal to become more flexible and healthy through a “year of mindful eating and moving.”  She posts her daily food intake, new exercise regimes and insights. Like everything Patti, the writing is soulful and wise. She’s definitely a “nobluehair” dame. I loved today’s post especially as I am beginning my own mind/body/food odyssey.  Here’s just a nugget (whole grain) from that post:

“I’m listening to myself, and not to experts or government studies that tell me exactly what we have all known for 30 years. I’m listening to myself, and not to celebrities or infomercials or statistics….I think I will learn a lot from my body this year just by listening to it.”

Listen along!

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