How to survive Monday morning

Monday, Monday
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If like me, you get a chronic  case of the Mondays, here’s three surefire ways to get your butt in gear:

  1. Really good, really strong coffee. This is the day to treat yourself to a professional cup if your home or office brew is mediocre. We need really hot, potent Java today
  2. Give a colleague or friend a kudo for something they’ve done recently. It will absolutely brighten their day and the glow will lighten yours.
  3. Workout sometime today even if it’s just an evening walk to enjoy the suddenly longer day.

Monday is about getting rewards and giving kindness to yourself and others.  One more secret of my Monday mornings… do something fun Sunday night to make the weekend last. Movies & restaurants are much easier to go to on a Sunday eve. Dinners with friends can end fashionably early since everyone needs to get  up early the next day. But by being busy, your mind doesn’t automatically switch to work mode for a few more hours.

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