The best ‘estrogen therapy’ is spending a day with women

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Attended a women’s wellness conference instead of my typical nesting Sunday. It’s remarkable to spend a day in the company of women of all ages–the estrogen energy simply pulses through the room. We are all sisters, confidantes and co-conspirators when you get us all in a room!
From lectures on financial planning (get your estate in order –don’t wait for “the guy” to do it for you) to the benefits of reservatol in wine ( good for you and with chocolate  is even better) to starting an entrepreneurial business (men don’t worry if they can, women worry they can’t), the lessons are loud and clear. We need to take control of our finances, our futures and our fun.
We certainly weren’t an anti-men clan, we are wives, mothers, sisters and lovers of men in every sphere of our lives . One woman put it so well: “When my husband was alive, I always felt like I was on vacation. When he died suddenly, the vacation was over and I didn’t know anything managing a life.” She had to learn quickly through the veil of grief. We can–and should– do better. Our loved ones would want us to.

The conference organizers took great care of us as well, knowing we women take so little time for ourselves. They doubled the number of restrooms by declaring  the mensroom as another ladies loo. There was gorgeous healthy food but also plenty of chocolate & cookies. There were wise women from every sphere (spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual) who brought kindness, wisdom and community to the room & the workshops.

I feel like I’ve had a deep, divine dose of powerful hormone therapy after hanging out with over 100 women. We came to learn and celebrate our unique perspective on the world. It was awesome.


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