A Sunday Salad: hiking, drinking, swing dancing, sushi

The old Pedro Mountain Road
Image via Wikipedia

Sunday was supposed be spent at the Switchboard Music Festival in San Fran. But we waited too late to buy tix and it was sold out. How to rescue a day?

We got in the car and headed to Pacifica to hike up the Old Pedro Mountain Road trail from the beach above Montara. The sun was out, the temperature was perfect  for hiking with the wind wicking away the sweat. We climbed for an hour up and 30 minutes down.  The views from the trail were spectacular.

After, we rode south on Coast Highway, stopping at Pillar Point Harbor for a cup of clam chowder. We wandered the area, checking out  shops and restaurants. The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company was hopping with outdoor diners sopping up the sun along with their chow and a swing dance band was just starting up inside. We grabbed us a margarita, watched the locals show off their smooth swing moves & turns. Then we got brave and tried to remember the few steps we know (and counting all the way). We klutzed our way through a couple songs, feeling full of Sunday afternoon joy and inspired to resume swing lessons.

We headed back over the hill for dinner at our favorite sushi place, gorging on hamachi, seaweed salad, four seasons roll and spicy tuna– all of our faves.

Finally, we headed home for the opening chapter of “The Borgias” on Showtime.  A perfect unplanned “Sunday salad” composed of fresh air, great music, physical activity and good food.

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