Maybe we should only vote for women politicians.

Anthony Weiner
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The drumbeat of news of errant politicians from both parties goes on: Schwartzenegger (R), Clinton (D), Gary Hart (D), Bob Packwood (R), John Ensign (R), Mark Sanford (R), John Edwards (D)…the list goes on and on. I found one site that listed 53 sex scandals dating back to Founding Father (and I mean that in every way) Thomas Jefferson.

Today’s news about Anthony Weiner is almost tame by comparison. He’s (so far) only guilty of sexting not actually committing sex acts but what makes him think his penis is so interesting? This is a sad, sad story but only the latest in a long parade of boys behaving badly. Guys…get a grip.*

Update 6/12: Great op-ed piece in New York Times about this exact topic. Read “When it comes to scandals, girl’s won’t be boys”

* Is there nothing we can say right now that isn’t a double entendre?

Politics: It’s amateur hour in sex scandal land (

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