The best restaurant in San Francisco is in…Sausalito. Sushi Ran.

A year ago, one of my foodie friends revealed her favorite restaurant was Sushi Ran. Now, I’m as big a sushi fan as anyone but fish is fish, right? Not at Sushi Ran. The name is almost a misnomer because this Michelin starred restaurant is more about fine Asian fusion than about sushi rolls (altho the Crunch Roll is one of their drop dead delicious signature offerings.)

The location hidden away, outside the touristy triangle of Sausalito on  Caledonia Street which is mainly requented by in the know locals and serious foodivores.  We’ve been there several times with different friends and family and each visit is a fresh reminder of what makes great dining. The food is gorgeously prepared, sensuously & artistically plated and furiously flavored with overtones, undertones and just damn deliciousness.

We always order the Vegetable Tasting as one of our appetizers. Four little dishes of richly spiced veggies incite your taste buds, including  grilled eggplant, crispy potatoes, spaghetti squash and zucchini.

Then there’s the Crunch Roll. (order it early and then– if at the end of your meal you are still hungry, order it again!). It’s full of crab, shrimp, eel, avocado and crunchy flakes.  We also always order the Shaking Beef (another dish that often gets a second round!) that left our guests shaking their heads with disbelief at the intense flavoring that’s sweet, salty and savory in every bite. It’s a overall sexy menu triggering all your omnivorous zones!

There’s no dish that isn’t wonderful. We ordered duck for the first time and I, a not fan of duck, was sucked in to a second taste. We loved the ahi poke, the smoked yellowtail sushi and every bit of our chocolate bombe and green tea ice cream desserts.

There’s a full bar, great wines, sake and beers and a modern japanese but woodsy ambiance that makes it both a special occasion place and local hangout.

Here’s what one Yelper said who happened to be there the same night as us:
“The food was just outstanding, probably the best Japanese I’ve had in NorCal.  We started with the King Trumpet mushrooms on the recommendation of other Yelpers, and in fact they were mouthgasmic (I think that’s what someone called them).  The sushi was perfectly fresh and expertly rolled, standouts included the sake and the spicy tuna.”

Can’t wait for our next visit to this gourmet gem across the Golden Gate bridge.



  1. I have to agree! Thanks again for introducing us to Sushi Ran recently- we’ve been back a couple of times. Always awesome!


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