Vitamix won the blender wars at my house. An update.

VitaMix (Photo credit: elvisripley)

Over a year ago, I blogged about my search for a blender replacement for my dead Oster. After much research, I ended up with a Kitchen Aid because it was far less expensive and appeared to be just as useful as a Vitamix.

Time for an update.  A few months ago, my Kitchen Aid started leaking from the bottom. While I researched replacement parts, I decided to buy a Vitamix from Costco, ostensibly to use it until my KitchenAid part arrived and then return it. Well, from the first week, it was apparent that my Vitamix wasn’t going back to Costco. We adopted it.

Now my morning smoothies are rich and creamy without making the racket that my old blender did.  Vitamix is  fast, efficient and relatively quiet. I don’t expect to be making soup anytime soon but having this larger capacity does inspire me to make mixed party drinks for a crowd and to share more of my morning smoothie with the Mister. So, he benefits, too.

Yeah, this power machine cost a whole lot more than my KitchenAid but considering I spent about $100 on that blender and it conked out on me in a year, I think the $375 I spent at Costco is a whole lot cheaper…if it holds up.

The KitchenAid didn’t end up in the trash though. I ordered the replacement jar and mailed the whole thing to my kid who’s now using it for his smoothies.

I like stories where everybody wins.  And you win, too,  if you read this before you go out and buy a KitchenAid blender.

Here’s my go to morning recipe for one:

1/2 frozen banana
1 cup of berries- fresh or frozen
4 oz nonfat greek yogurt
handful of oatbran or flax seeds
couple ice cubes
a little water as needed
Mix and enjoy!

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