Tossing more hats in the ring.

Straw hat
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Yesterday, I described our entertaining visit to Goorin Brothers Hat Shop and then learned that a favorite blogger, Sunnyglobaldiva, had posted “On wearing hats” the day before  (and she looks very happy in her hat pix) as she was required to wear one to a bridal party. Here’s an excerpt:
“I arrived at the shower, turned off the car and sat there staring at the hat on the passenger seat, all at once in love with it, yet loathe to put it on. A few moments later, I walked onto a patio filled with behatted ladies, each one all the more lovely and unique thanks to those expressive accessories adorning their heads. There were all kinds–there were straw hats and fascinators, there were ones made of linen and of raffia, some had feathers galore. Each woman’s hat was a compliment to her personality and style. While all of us experienced certain obstacles when searching for and choosing our hats, we all agreed that we’d like to wear them more often.”

Then, today,  I heard from a woman in Goorin’s customer service who sent me a delightful note (and an even more delightful discount code) after reading my post. It so reinforced the special pleasures of hats that  I’ve excerpted the relevant part below (keeping the coupon code to myself!):

Thanks so much for the wonderful blog and all of the lovely comments about our North Beach Hat Shop~ its very appreciated! I especially enjoyed your thoughts on how hats always love you, never judge you… I could not agree more.
I throw on a hat no matter my mood~ I hide under them when I am feeling low, and I use them to “top it all off” when I am feeling extra fabulous. AND!!~ Turning 40 this year has taught me (among oh so many things) to make hats a part of embracing a stylish, classy “mid-life”~ if you will.

Hats off to all you hat lovers out there.


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