Exit Stage Left

As a lifelong lefty
My tribulations are hefty
Does anyone even care?

My phone’s always a tangle
Of cords I must strangle.
Are you still there?

Of all the complaints of the sinister life
Try dealing with cash drawer strife
Where pennies are always in the wrong place.

Clothing stores love me less
Try hooking a bra or zipping a dress
Nothing comes easy with a lefty embrace.

Left brained thinking doesn’t even the score
Left handed compliments hurt me more
In life, It’s better to leave than be left.

Leftover food is second best
Left sympathies are second guessed
In life, it’s better to be wrong than bereft

Left at the altar
Left at the mall
The beginning of bad stories all

On August 13
Lefties have our own day
An unlucky number
Wouldn’t you say?

Right sized may be just right
But left sized isn’t wrong
I’m just a left-brained poet
Writing a left-centric song!


  1. Mimi, did you create this poetry in motion??? If so, OMG and if not just for sending it, thank you. How are you all?

    What’s up with the market??? Down down down! Love to all xoxo

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