Stock Pick’n Mama’s 2022 Picks

Buffalo..and people wanna be free to roam! Buy travel stocks now!

Last year (2021) was a great one for stock shoppers as almost every sector bloomed when hopes for post- Covid normalcy blossomed. That is, until December when Omicron spooked investors once again (as well as fears of rising inflation and interest rates). And January 2022 has been off to a rough start.

However, I’m here to suggest that 2022 can be a great year, too. In 2021, I told friends and family to invest in car companies and car rental companies because so many people gave up on public transit and plane/boat travel due to Covid fears. Additionally, the great migration from big cities into suburbs, exurbs and smaller towns meant that owning a car was suddenly essential. And car rentals also thrived with driving places becoming the vacation transportation norm.

If you didn’t buy these stocks last year, it’s still a great time to get into cars, EVs and car rentals.  If you’ve been following the news, there’s a huge demand but low-to-no supply of new or used cars right now.  But the supply chain disaster for new cars will eventually end and when it does, there will be boatloads of new cars to buy and used cars coming back on the market. Buy those stocks now before these car companies start posting gangbuster sales. If you wait for the turn, it’ll be too late.

What car stocks do I like?  Ford, GM,  VW, Porsche, Carvana, Hertz and Avis.  If you don’t own Tesla already, it’s too pricey to buy now so that’s why I’m leaving it off my list but they are continuing to hit on all cylinders.

What else do I like in 2022? Travel stocks!  Everyone is desperate to go somewhere and live it up.  With Omicron dominating our lives right now, travel stocks are on a bit on pause. This is the time to buy before they surge again.  I like Marriott, Expedia, cruise lines like Carnival, airlines like Southwest, Delta and United and, of course, Las Vegas hotels.  Everyone wants to go on vacation and the pent up demand will directly impact these stocks.

I do want to caution you that the key thing when buying stocks is to expect fluctuations and hang tight. I’m not a genius and I don’t know when these stocks will soar again. What I do know is that most of them will be big beneficiaries of the trends of people needing more personal transportation options, the growing demand for EV vehicles and the desperate desire to travel freely across our nation and around the world again. Be patient, buy more shares on the dips and wait for the world to reopen and make these stocks your 2022 investment successes.

As always, I remind you that I cannot promise results. I am not a licensed stockbroker just a stock pick’n mama who has made better returns over the years than most experts. I follow the news, track trends and make educated guesses.

So, here’s to 2022. May it bring you health, happiness and many happy (stock market) returns!

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