We. Are. Home.

Last meal in London- real Dover sole.

After 22 hours of endless daylight flights from London to Dallas to San Diego, we are finally home.

Our adventure began four weeks ago in Scandinavia. Amazingly, all of our flights and connections worked throughout 3 1/2 weeks of constant travel and three countries. Our good luck held until we were ready to fly home.

Then, despite hours and days of cancellation travails in Nice, we managed to finally escape to London, where we created new and unplanned adventures and memories. We even got to see a fantastic musical in a gorgeous Covent Garden theatre about Tina Turner that used her songs to tell her life story.

While are tired, a bit ragged and seriously jet lagged (I’m writing this at 4 am), we came home joyful and proud of all we did and the 5-8 miles pace we kept up every day.

And , retrospectively, all the delays, frustrations, additional fees and customer service experiences have only added to the tapestry of this journey.

Thanks for following along. Thanks for commenting on the blog and for private texts and emails. Your feedback keeps me going…and writing.


  1. Thank you dear friend! It just occurred to me that I could write a story of shoes and dominoes falling and falling, too – but about my 2 computers and 2 sewing machines. No jet lag here but also no happy memories – and the computer shoes are still falling. Sigh. Thanks so much for your posts 🙂

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