Amy Gross writes on…and so do I

I have followed Amy Gross, editor extraordinaire since I was 15 so I’m guessing she’s a wee bit older than me. But her clever writing in  Mademoiselle & Glamour magazines captured my young imagination. She was a big city girl whose humor & wisdom jumped the pages. Later she moved on to Vogue and then to Oprah’s O Magazine which she recently left. Everywhere, Amy left her literary mark and everywhere I followed her writing and her editorial impact. And then, today, I saw her article on meditation in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine. She has dedicated over a decade to trying to get meditation right a and is a vigorous propoent. I still can’t figure out how to quiet my mind enough to sit still for meditation. But Amy makes it sound reasonable, good & doable, and she’s been having that effect on me for decades. Write on, Amy Gross.

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