Have you had work done?

This is the acid test of our age. Do we or don’t we? After mentioning that I just had IPL(intense pulsed laser) to blast sun damage off my face, a friend asked if I had other “work done.”  Nope. I don’t have the courage or the currency but I certainly have fantasized about getting an eyebrow lift for my saggy lids or a “lifestyle lift” for my wandering jaw. I’ve pinched and pulled my face before mirrors trying to imagine a new, improved visage but look like catwoman gone mad.

Do you know what’s involved in a brow lift? They cut your scalp above the hairline and pull your face up, then snip and close. It’s positively medieval! 

So, no, I haven’t had any work done. But if they ever figure out a pain-free, freakshow-free (Heidi Montag & Phyllis Diller come to mind) way to stop my face from falling to my ankles, I will certainly reconsider. Meanwhile, my old sunspots are nicely flaking off & I will religiously use a mega SPF sunscreen the rest of my days!

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