More salt in the wound…cut out table salt.

A salt mill for sea salt.
Image via Wikipedia

Last week, I blogged about my trials with salty food.  Apparently, I’m not alone. Today, the gov’t issued new food guidelines calling for less salt but they also attacked my last remaining food indulgence: sugar. Hell no, I won’t go!

From the Washington Post: Americans need to make big changes in their eating habits to fight the obesity epidemic and a host of ailments caused by poor diets, including consuming less sugar, fat and salt and more fish, fruits and vegetables, the Obama administration recommended Monday.

I can live with less salty food and long ago gave up fats, fowl & red meat.   As for fish, eating more of that might not be such a great idea as noted in yesterday’s post.

But there are limits to my food deprivation. I cannot go without chocolate. I believe that cookies, ice cream, candy & cake are basic food groups for good mental health.  As the saying goes, no one ever put on his tombstone “I wish I’d eaten less chocolate.”

So, I will continue to reduce my salt intake (oh, I will miss you, my crispy Trader Joe’s pita chips). I will continue to consume orchards of fruits & acres of veggies. But I will not give up sugar. And you’re not going to make me.

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