Some posts bear repeating. This is one. Donate to Japan relief today.

I feel exactly the same as yesterday so I’m going to repeat myself.  It’s hard to write a perky, happy blog today with all the news of  the natural & man-made devastation occurring in Japan and the Pacific. Or the political/military devastation occuring in parts of the Middle East and elsewhere. Or the floods in our own country.
You can’t save the world. But you can help save a life. Donate to a global relief organization like the Red Cross orDoctors without Borders. You can even  text a donation to  REDCROSS by phoning 90999 to give $10 immediately.

Also, if you can spare the time, volunteer at a local organization. Donate clothes to a shelter or Goodwill Industries. Donate Blood. Helping really helps. Handwringing and stressing really don’t.

If you didn’t give yesterday, give again today. If you gave yesterday, do it again today.

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