Why did it take me over 50 years to allow myself two towels after a shower?

Little Comforts in Life
Image by Sanctu via Flickr

All these years, I’ve used just one towel per shower. That meant choosing whether my body or my head got first dibs on drying off. It never occurred to me that I could have two towels. It seemed so decadent, so wasteful. What’s wrong with me?

Today, I decided that I could have two towels and it has made all the difference in the world. I exited the shower without dripping from my hair or suffering goosebumps everywhere else. My whole body got dry at the same time.

It may sound so inconsequential but the two towel shower rebellion is emblematic of my new decision to cut myself some slack in life. Up till now, I’ve always prided myself on walking out of a store without buying things, with putting back excess, with doing without. With being a fiscal prude. Well, that day is over.

I am starting to give myself regular  treats. Not extravagances or luxuries but little things that as the L’Oreal slogan suggests I do “because I’m worth it.” I can order the vente coffee instead of the grande. I can buy Hagen Daz instead of the store brand ice cream. I can order a glass of wine with dinner even if I only drink half. I can buy something new without waiting for a sale if I really, really want it (this permission still a work in progress). These may sound like nothing to many of you, but for me these are financial liberties I’ve never or rarely allowed.

But the two towel treatment. Damn, girl, I felt like I was at a spa this morning stepping out of my hot shower and covering all of me at once in fluffy terrycloth. It was lovely. It was perfect. And I think I’ll do it again!

What’s your idea of an indulgence that you’ve been depriving yourself of? What would it take for you to give yourself permission to enjoy or experience it? Please don’t wait 50 years like I did! Life is too short and too precious not to be more kind and generous to ourselves.


  1. Really good soap. Like the $8/bar, shea butter, made in France, heavenly-smelling kind sold in spas. I used to buy it for gifts, and when I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift, I would save it for “special occasions.” But I love that my skin is actually soft after using the good stuff, and it makes getting up early for work just that much more bearable. Plus, it lasts a long time! I highly recommend it for daily use! That’s one of my many indulgences over the past few years. It was hard to let loose and realize I’m worth it after a lifetime of being thrifty. But after 50, I am definitely getting the hang of it.


  2. It’s hard growing up a child of upper-lower middle class Jewish parents, always counting and aware of dimes and extravagances. We never allowed the kids to order sodas out. (health + economy) Relaxing the standards is difficult, they are so deeply ingrained. For you two towels after a shower; for us a good bottle of wine at dinner or ignore the cost of a restaurant or eating out.
    Right now, in preparing for Rebecca’s wedding, Margaret’s mantra is “Forget the cost. Just do it.” The house and grounds look much better.


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